Beautifully Pure [Interview with teen fashion blogger Katie]

I want to introduce you all to a really amazing and inspiring teenager named Katie. Katie’s blog [] is filled with photos of herself in modest clothing, which is rarely seen in a world of fashion or even teens who are interested in it. Katie is 17 years old and lives in Illinois. She says, “I’m a very introverted, artsy person. I love putting my headphones on, experimenting with my clothes and makeup – seeing if I can make something out of nothing. I also love sitting on ‘my’ tree swing and just thinking”. She enjoys roller blading, blogging, writing poetry when she is feeling emotional, biking, and texting her friends (especially her best friend all day long).

What causes you to be into modest clothing? Is it hard to be modest as a teenager?
What causes me to be into modest clothing? When I first heard an Adventures in Odyssey on modesty. I was only thirteen or so at the time, and I was very upset that my parents wouldn’t let me get a shrug (which was very trendy at the time, and, I thought, so cute!). Until then I hadn’t really understood why girls were supposed to dress modestly. When I realized the reasoning behind it, I didn’t want boys looking at me in a bad way. I let looking nice cause me to start to slip on my standards a little, a couple years ago, when I was fifteen, but I realized fairly quickly, and I had my big sister in Christ to help me get back on track. I don’t know what I’d do without her!
I don’t think it’s any harder for me to be modest as a teenager than it would be as an adult, since I don’t really conform to the normal teen life style. I’ve always been more mature for my age, and I dress it as well. I don’t like the skimpy tank top and super short, distressed shorts look – modesty aside. I’d much rather wear a pretty, vintage inspired sun dress, girly shoes and a cardigan any day!

Where do you find and how do you create outfits to make them modest considering what types of clothing seems to be sold in stores directed to your age group? Can you give us any tips?
I never pay attention to what’s directed at my age group. I don’t generally like teenagers, and always feel much more comfortable with people slightly older than me, so I couldn’t care less what girls my age are wearing. I follow the trends I like, and learn where to get those trends. My favorite stores are Target, ModCloth, and thrift stores. My biggest problem is finding dress that are long enough for me. Shirts that are too low can always have a tank top worn under them to make them modest, but I’ve found it very difficult to add length to a skirt without it looking silly. The majority of my dresses are vintage – or nearly vintage – that I’ve hemmed to be my favorite length. I’ve also found making dresses from scratch to be helpful since you can decide the length then, but I don’t have the patience to do it often. Another thing I do often is get skirts in a bigger size and pin them to fit (since the bigger sizes are usually a bit longer). It’s not a terribly practical idea, but since I always seem to bring back skirts from the thrift store that are 2-3 sizes too big, anyway, it works for me.

Are there any fashion icons or people who inspire your style? Who are they?
I have a lot of fashion icons, and they change continually. It mostly depends on my mood. I love Demi Lovato’s music and style – last autumn she was a huge style icon for me. This year I’ve been more inspired by bloggers. Whenever I find a new blog I love my style will usually drift that way a bit. I love, love love independent designers, thrift store and homemade clothes. I’ve all but given up shopping at mall stores, so right now I’m very inspired by other bloggers who are wearing a lot of indie/thrifted/homemade styled clothes. 

What do your parents think about your choice of clothing?
My parents generally like the way I dress. They tease me sometimes when I get stuff that doesn’t look so good at first, but they usually like how it turns out. 

What words of encouragement could you give to girls your age who think that modesty isn’t really that important?
My biggest piece of advice for girls who don’t think modesty is important is to go read the modesty survey. It really helped open up my eyes about how important it is to be modest. And even if you do think modesty is important, it will help you to decide what you are comfortable wearing, and what you’re not. Girls are amazing. We are very strong and determined and able to fight for what we believe in, and at the same time we feel emotions very strongly. We want and need to be loved, but we have so much more to offer than just our bodies. When we dress in a provocative way, we are degrading ourselves. Girls, show the world that you are more, and have more to offer than just how you look. Dress modestly. Not only will you be showing that you have respect for yourself, but showing that you will be able to attract men that will also respect you.


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2 Responses to Beautifully Pure [Interview with teen fashion blogger Katie]

  1. Miss RJ says:

    Wonderful interview! I’m gonna go check out Katie’s blog! I like her style! 😉 (she’s alot like me!)

  2. svenoblivion says:

    Katie is such a wonderful girl, and beautiful too! I love this interview!
    – s

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