Sacrifices and Virginity

Sacrifices are severely important to God. In the Old Testament of the Bible, there were many rules of which animals needed to be sacrificed and when it had to happen. Ultimately Jesus became the sacrifice for our sinfulness (so we don’t have to do things like sacrifice birds before entering temples or anything). When you believe in Jesus, you need to be willing to sacrifice your life for Him as He did for you. That’s a lot to take it in, so let’s read that again. You need to sacrifice your life for Him. That is a difficult thing for us all. There are so many things in our lives we want to hold on to or enjoy that we tend to get mad about having to let go of. If Jesus, who was in Heaven in the most perfect place actually came down to earth to experience humanity firsthand while maintaining his perfection because He loves us that much, so much so that He experienced the worst possible death in that lifetime, should we really be throwing a fit in our minds right now in reading this? Probably not, but we still do. There are things in my life I am giving up on for Christ. Step by step, it’s a very hard thing to do, but I hope that through His love and guidance for me, He is willing to continually guide me towards the truth.

One of the truths I thought about was the connection of sacrifices and sexual virginity. We were all given the ability to remain pure in every way. We live in a world that strips that purity away with pride and tries to pull us along side it, and we feel yanked back and forth between living in purity or living in impurity. It is a difficult decision to make.

When I was dating my husband, I had that pull on my life. God gave me a gift of purity and I fought the pull of impurity for a pretty good time, but basically I sacrificed my body to my husband before marriage.  What I literally did was took my body and threw it in the fire as an offering to my boyfriend instead of as an offering to Christ’s approval for my life on my wedding night with my husband. That may sound odd to you, but really I saw a more important god in my life and that was my boyfriend. I basically said, “Not in your will God, but in my own. I found someone I wanted to please more than wanting to please you.” That may sound like a hard reality to swallow for some of you, but I am telling you that I had done so and that if you are giving into your impure desires while wanting to follow Jesus who calls us to purity, you can’t. You can never serve two masters. You have a new god you’re going to please and that is the person you’re giving yourself to, yourself, and ultimately Satan who looks for our weaknesses and tempts us so that we will go against God. My weakness was sex. This means everything, all the “bases” from kissing through sex that should have been reserved for my husband after marriage, was slowly being given away to Satan until I literally allowed my weaknesses take me over. They were what consumed my thoughts and actions. I did whatever I could to please my sinful impurities rather than to give my full life to Christ.  It damaged me good, so much so that even though I did thankfully marry my husband, I messed up and didn’t do it God’s way and can’t go back to fix it. My husband, who was sexual with other people before me even, often tells me that if he were actually a virgin before meeting me, he believes (especially with how I truly wanted to wait to have sex after marriage when I met him) that we would have succeeded in doing it in God’s way.  We can’t go back and change anything, so we can only move forward. While people think that maybe we’re beating ourselves up, we’re not. We have seen too many positives come out of this, but we missed out on God’s ultimate purpose for our bodies and lives, and gave into sin instead of to holiness.

What I did was idol worship. I “dressed” (more undressed) little by little through immodesty for my god, I gave into the feelings of pleasure every time I gave into myself, my boyfriend, and Satan. It made me feel so far away from God and so distanced. I was in control, so I thought, but I wasn’t at all. God was angry at me (for I disobeyed Him). Somehow He protected me and fought my battles for me over and over again while reaching out that I would see His side. I knew I did wrong, and many people don’t end up doing that, sadly. I may have made excuses for my actions, but I knew deep down inside that I made a mistake.

Is there something or someone you are constantly trying to please? Are you really giving up a sacrifice to Christ through the way you offer your body?  Do you look back on the things you did but you know you can’t change them? There is still hope to get purity back. The more you follow Christ starting now; the more you dig into the Bible and do what it says; the more you are going to be able to live out your beliefs and can help lead others to find Christ’s ultimate sacrifice for them. Christ bore my pain and my sins. He decided to take my afflictions upon Himself. He took my husband’s mistakes and sins upon Himself. He died for us. He prayed for us on the cross saying, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” and soon after died. My sins were so horrible that He died because of them! My sins would have destroyed me, and for a while, they did just that.  Jesus conquered death! He came back alive from the dead and was renewed. He gave us hope, love, and purity! We can now renew our minds daily and walk with Him through the choices we make. We have decided to sacrifice our desires and our sinful pull and to say, “I have God! Nothing is impossible with Him! I can get through this!” Our lives are forever transformed. Your life can be too. Give up your idols. Give your life to Jesus, for He created you and knows what is best for your life. “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.  Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you.” -Jeremiah 29:11-12

My advice to those who are pure, don’t give up your purity! You are definitely pure in heart and have the right motives, setting your life ahead by Christ’s desire for you. My mind had been defiled and corrupted by sin, but now that I have set my eyes on Christ, I see the great purity and love He offers me and those who have also lived in sin. It is amazing. Through Him I found freedom.

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5 Responses to Sacrifices and Virginity

  1. Psilomelane says:

    Wait — I thought you meant *sacrificing virgins*. Nevermind…

  2. Thank you for this post. I have been experiencing some anxiety today and the feeling of wanting to take control of my life rather than surrendering. This is a good reminder that my life only flows well when God in in charge.

  3. Amy McKnight says:

    Very powerful testimony. I think that sometimes we as Christians falsely congradulate ourselves that we aren’t like “those other religions” who practice open idolatry but It is so true that whatever we put above God is an idol. When we look at it like this we realize that we have a lot to confess at the foot of the cross.

  4. FB777 says:

    I have 2 points to state:
    1. For a woman, sex is not such a great deal as it is for men i.e. abstinence for women is a far lesser struggle than it is for me.
    2. What if God never intended for you to marry? Would you remanin abstinent for the rest of your life?

    • Victoria / Justice Pirate says:

      1. I think it is pretty equal of a struggle. I’ve heard both sides of the spectrum and can’t say that one’s struggle is lesser or greater than another’s to be abstinent.

      2. I actually know a man who was very popular with the ladies (he’s my parents’ friend) and who had been very promiscuous in his past but became extremely devoted to Christ when he became a Christian. He chose to be celibate and to focus on God instead of relationships (because they side tracked him). Although this seemed strange to most people, he felt it was right. He chose abstinence when God transformed him, and he’s 61 now and still growing stronger. Many people seem to think that it is a terrible thing for one to have to be abstinent for life, and really, it is because of the sin nature and the obsession with relationships and love in our society that they think it is terrible for one to die a virgin or to never have sex. But it isn’t.

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