Olympic Fashion

The Olympics have been really enjoyable this year.  I have watched so many events and throughout the whole thing, I’ve noticed how fashionable (or interesting) various countries and the people representing them are.  I decided to post a few of my observations for you to see!!

The opening ceremonies were definitely a bit strange, but fun (and thankfully I understood it because I have learned of British culture since I was a child).  As I was watching, I am sure there was much work put into each country’s matching uniforms. The men and women all wore different outfits (other than countries like Ireland who all wore white pants with green jackets – where was the orange??). Here are a few of my favorite fashions from the opening ceremony.

The Netherlands. I really adore blue and orange together (I used to have sneakers in these colors). I think the sweater vests with the outfit just make it look really cool.

The Czech Republic definitely were individuals at the opening ceremony. I honestly did not understand why they were wearing rainboots/wellies at all! I still am trying to figure it out. Do people in their country wear boots like this regularly or did they hear that London was rainy, so they were preparing for the weather?

Germany’s outfits definitely helped you know who were the boys and who were the girls. . .

I am assuming that Djibouti’s men’s formal-wear normally involves the wearing of the skirt that looks like a towel, but what I really loved were the colors in the women’s outfits. One of the women had a dangling piece of jewelry that nearly covered her eyes completely, which must be hard to wear while trying to watch where you’re walking. I thought they had gorgeous ladies on their team!

I should have taken a screenshot myself, and apologize that this was the only photo I could find of Vietnam in the opening ceremonies, but I must say that the women’s formal-wear has always fascinated me from their country and that it is not only modest, but gorgeous with how delicately hand-embroidered their outfits are. This was my favorite out of all the outfits at the ceremonies.

USA’s outfits fooled me for a second! I didn’t even know they were USA! It doesn’t seem to fit our culture. However, Ralph Lauren designed these (must be pricey) and I do find them extremely classy and modest, which I don’t believe our country is usually fond of!!

While watching the events of the Olympics, I have also gone back to watch clips of former Olympic games and realize that you can tell the time period by what is worn or how hairstyles appear.  Here are some photos from the current 2012 Olympics.  If I catch more in my time watching the Olympics, I’ll make another post for you.  Some of the events I’ve personally watched include skeet shooting to wind sailing! If you have missed some of the events, hopefully you can see clips to review the events online somewhere.

The first thing I noticed in my time of watching the Olympics was from a game of beach volleyball between Australia and Austria. Austria was extremely modest while Australia, hardly. I was expecting them all to wear their little two-pieces as I’ve seen done many times throughout the sport, which I can’t even fathom diving after a ball wearing hardly anything. This particular shot is of USA, which I also watched. Many people were disappointed to see them all in “scuba gear” as I heard it called. I believe these outfits are wonderful in comparison to what I’m used to seeing in the sport! The reason why so many teams have been wearing outfits like this is because of the modesty issues in various countries and to be respectful (if only they thought that way outside of the Olympics).

It was fun to watch Bradley Wiggins of Great Britain in the men’s cycling competition. Many of his fans adore his sideburns. You don’t see too many men sporting sideburns, though I have personally always loved my husband’s red sideburns (as Mr. Wiggins has here). He won the gold, in case you’re wondering.

I noticed that Great Britain’s team in archery all had the London Jack flag painted on their nails This is Naomi Folkard, whom I watched play. I did not notice if all the countries in archery did this, but from what I recall in seeing GB play against Mexico, they did not. Do you see her nails in this shot?

Speaking of Archery, India’s Deepika Kumari, who is best in the world (but lost early on in the Olympics of 2012) had on the cutest little vest. I felt it was worth posting.

I keep hearing about women lusting after the male swimmers at the Olympics, which really is bothersome, but an improvement is that many of the men have been wearing long shorts or even pants instead of the tiny underwear-looking suits I’ve seen in past Olympics. While some still do wear them, I appreciate that a lot of them cover up a bit more.

And here we have the Team USA’s women in suits I’d totally wear often. Instead of your normal one-piece that often reveals the buttocks, they are wearing suits that resemble men’s suits from the 1920s! I think the cut on the shoulders are too far in on these suits, but they designed them so it is less constricting on their arms as they swim. Congratulations to Allison Schmitt in the water who won the Gold medal, breaking her own American swimming record.

While I noticed most of the cyclists wear helmets that stand out long in the back and reminds me of the movie Alien, the women’s Swedish team (such as Johansson pictured) had on these odd looking orange helmets that remind me of the spaceship from 1980s Disney film Flight of the Navigator.

Zara Phillips, who won the women’s Equestrian silver medal, had on this beautiful outfit during the Olympics. She is the Queen’s grand-daughter so hats and fashion are a part of her royalty.

My favorite fashionable portion of the entire Olympics thus far was in an event that I didn’t expect at all:  Men’s Gymnastics; specifically the German team.  A few of them had the same amazing pompadour hairstyle.  Many of the guys in gymnastics had terrible hairstyles!  Seeing nice hair was refreshing!  I took a few screen shots to show the 2012 Olympic silver medalist Marcel Nguyen’s great hair as he competed in the individual all-around competition!! I was cheering him on because of how amazing his hair was, which stayed in place as he’d hang upside down on the rings or do flips and somersaults.  My husband Rob had a similar hairstyle last year (pictured on the right frame of this site even).  I watched the event on BBC1 and Eurosport yesterday afternoon on my computer, so I don’t know if the footage was shown in the USA last night.  USA got the bronze for this event, in case you were curious.


As an example of what I mean regarding their hairstyles, here are the medalists from the men’s Gymnastics competition. Kohei Uchimura (who was amazing to watch!) won Gold for Japan and USA’s Danell Leyva (who was boring until the end) won the bronze.



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8 Responses to Olympic Fashion

  1. Tim says:

    Iif I got it right, those swim suits – men and women – are totally based on what gets them through the water. The men’s full body suits from a few years are no longer allowed; apparently they were too hydrodynamic.

    You wondered why Ireland’s opening ceremony outfits had no orange. It’s probably a poilitical thing. Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom along with great Britain, but the rest of Ireland is an independent republic and completely separate. The north uses orange as a symbol of unity with Britain, dating back to William of Orange who was King William with his co-regent Queen Mary. His orangeness came from his position in the Netherlands as Prince of Orange. (As you noted, the Netherlands still has an orange identity.) When William and Mary took the British throne, orange was already their color. They subjected Ireland to British rule, and orange took over there too for those who wanted to show loyalty to the British monarch. Green has always been the color of Irish separatists, though, and the Republic of Ireland has never taken orange as a color – official or otherwise. (Sorry if this is nothing new to you. History gets me jazzed!)


    • ahhh that makes sense about why I am not really seeing those suits on the men. That’s sad. Those were awesome.

      As for Ireland, the Green stands for the Catholics, the Orange the Protestants, and the white is supposed to unite them. . .that is what the colors means. . .as I always had known it anyway. Your history portion does make sense though with why they didn’t wear orange.

  2. Emma says:

    Marcel Nguyen’s hair is not that graceful.In Germany this kind of haircut is for cheap people,the club/party player who searching for one night stands and acting embarrassing,uneducated people from socially weak families!I wish he had chose a different style,he is representing himself with this haircut like a fool which is sad because he is a really good athlete!

    • really? I do not know much about German culture so that is really interesting and very sad to hear. The hairstyle had originated over here in the 1930s or so and was always considered very classy and clean, so that is why my viewpoint of his hairstyle was very cool to me.

      • Emma says:

        It’s sad that this kind of haircut has such a bad presence in Germany,people there tend more to roll with the eyes when they see young men with this kind of hair style.I don’t know how that happened,maybe the techno culture caused these views over the last two decades,it’s a typical hair style for raver there.But good to know that this haircut is still classy in the USA.Marcel is an awesome athlete,that’s all what matters for me. 🙂

        • I agree that he is certainly a talented athlete. Hopefully he isn’t into raver culture or into being as those you described who tend to wear their hair like this in Germany. For all we know he is too busy working hard on his sport to have time to party and just wanted to have it cut like this.

  3. lindy abbott says:

    “Djibouti’s men’s formal-wear normally involves the wearing of the skirt that looks like a towel” I hadn’t noticed the towel-wear during the opening ceremony, so when I read this quote today looking at the picture I almost choked on my coffee holding back laughter!

    I enjoyed your comments on each event.

    As a family we watched the synchronized diving men’s event. My husband was freaking out with the speedos they men wore. I thought it was quite funny because I didn’t effect me one way or the other, but I did laugh a lot at my dear one who was aghast! I wonder why the diving went skimpy.

    Also until you pointed it out I didn’t notice how MODEST most of the athletes were and I think it would make a great post for Is This Modest website!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I heard the beach volleyball players were wearing the suits under, because it was so cold outside.

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