Should You (or Your Teen) Watch This?: Gossip Girl

The culture we live in is inescapable.  It is important to be living a holy and set-apart life as a child of the Lord, but we do need to understand why something might have a hold or influence on others.  As I listen to young women on facebook, tumblr, in person, etc talk excessively about various films and T.V. shows, I believe it is important to understand why it might be so “great” to them.

I started watching through the episodes of Gossip Girl (painfully).  The plot follows a bunch of teenagers from NYC who are well-to-do.  All of their activities get posted on a website called “Gossip Girl” to cause you to possibly live in their drama or feel better about yourself. Everyone talks about everyone else in the show.

What does the Bible say about Gossip?
“And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done.  They were filled with all manner of unrighteousness, evil, covetousness, malice. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, maliciousness. They are gossips, slanderers, haters of God, insolent, haughty, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, foolish, faithless, heartless, ruthless. Though they know God’s righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them.” -Romans 1:28-32

Here’s a sum up of the way these teens and eventually young adults throughout the show act.

Serena: She was known as a party animal who was involved in being sexually easy, drinking all the time (getting drunk and being underage while drinking), and doing drugs.  She decides she wants to change her life, but the only problem is you still see her drinking (responsibly, but underage which is illegal) throughout the show.  She tries to form relationships with guys before she has sex with them, but it doesn’t bother her to sleep with men as soon as able to, and if they don’t right away she gets worried.  She wears very immodest clothing and is sometimes seen in her underwear in the show.  She tries to be a good friend to others and is pretty nice to all people.  She has a hard relationship with her mom because she had been married many times and didn’t spend enough time with her. She hadn’t seen her father for many years and wants his attention and love as well.  One great thing about Serena is that she does give a girl a pep talk about how she wishes she didn’t lose her virginity because it really is special. Of course she makes it seem like since she lost it, it is okay for her to sleep with many guys. She was even involved with a young married politician on the show.

Blair: She loves being rich and controlling of others. She is selfish and wants her own way all the time.  At one point she gets tired of being a virgin that she decides to strip her clothes at a burlesque and gives her virginity to a guy who is a “tool” and a womanizer who owns the burlesque even though he’s only 17.  Blair is conniving and has a hard time dealing with her parents because her mom doesn’t give her enough attention and her dad ran off with another man across the ocean.  She seems to have a better relationship with her maid than anyone.  Though she doesn’t sleep around too often, she does sleep with multiple guys and is not married, she is seen the most in her underwear throughout the show.  She also swears more than the other girls on the show.  She tries most of the time to stick with the guy she lost her virginity to because he’s the one she’s loved the most and longest, but she had dated other guys around him.

Dan: Known as “Lonely Boy” when gossip is spread. He’s always had a thing for Serena and seems to be head over heels for her, losing his virginity to her.  However, he also has a best friend who is a girl who has been in love with him for a long time and he does date a few other people on the show including Blair for a time.  He is the intellect who has a good relationship with his father, though not so much with his mother.  One high point in his character is that a girl he slept with makes him believe she’s pregnant with his child.  He actually helps raise the child for a time and is all for taking up responsibility which is really good, even when he learns that it is not his child, because he loves it.  The worst moment for him is that he has a threesome with his best friend and a girl he was dating at the time who happens to be Hillary Duff, a former clean-cut Disney girl (Lizzie McGuire).  Regardless of everything, he always seems to have Serena in the back of his head.

Nate: He cheats on his girlfriend Blair in the beginning of the show with her best friend Serena (who felt horrible about it and it was part of why she wanted to change).  However, he’s always supposedly been in love with her (so according to his side of the story, that makes it okay).  He goes back and forth with Blair and Serena and has a few other girls mixed up in it. He sleeps with them all.  He had an affair with a married woman for a few months who gave him money for sex in order to help save his family who lost most of their money.  He cares for others but seems to be the character who has the easiest time going from person to person. His problem with his parents is his dad was caught being a con and drug addict. He does love his father.

Chuck: The playboy and rich boy who throughout the show makes it seem like he can get whatever he wants because he’s who he is.  He is more than fine about the idea with sleeping with loads of girls without feelings, and as many at a time as he can at once.  Then he falls for Blair. She becomes the reason for him to live and loves her wholeheartedly and changes for quite a long time until a while later. He is often seen with half-naked women.  He also drinks a lot but responsibly but illegally (underage).  He just wants his father’s affections and loves his dad and wishes he knew his mom who died giving birth to him.  He is very much like Blair but becomes a little more caring for others over time.   It seems like the only person he never sleeps with is Serena, who does become his step-sister for a time until he becomes adopted as her brother.

Jenny: The most annoying character throughout the show for me who isn’t in it after a few episodes through Season 4.  She is talented and makes beautiful clothes and wants to fit in and be rich.  Her brother is Dan, whom she has a good relationship with. She constantly lies and disobeys her loving father. She whines and complains and wants things her way. She steals a few times as well.  She dates a drug dealer and deals as well. She is seen taking her clothes off, in her underwear alone as a real-life teen which is very bothersome.  She decides to lose her virginity to Chuck to pretty much get it over with and is shown very upset and realistically destroyed by her choice, which I think is good.

Vanessa: Dan’s best friend since childhood. She seems to be a great person who cares for others. She loves Dan and eventually Nate and then Dan again. She has sex with both as well as Chuck. She has a threesome and is seen kissing Hillary Duff. She’s seen in her underwear as well.  She can’t stand Serena over time, because she seems to be the one that Nate and Dan both love and it drives her crazy that they each seem to choose Serena over her.  She is even willing to be a part of a conspiracy to drug Serena and deceive others when it comes to Serena.  She doesn’t seem to have a good relationship with her parents. She leaves after season 4.

Eric: Serena’s brother. He seems to be the most stable person throughout the series, though he was suicidal in the first season and was in a rehab. Eventually he lets is be known that he is gay. Although he is seen having boyfriends, they never show him physical with guys at all, that I recall, nor do they mention him being involved with them sexually.  He takes a huge liking to his last step-father Rufus (Dan and Jenny’s dad) but has a hard time with his mother still.

Georgina: She is always up to scheming and making problems for people. She drugged Serena once and used to be her party buddy before Serena changed her life a bit.  She pretended to be someone she wasn’t to get back at Serena and win over Dan to take him away from Serena.  She became a Christian and seemed lovely but backslid.  She did help get stolen money back once.  She got pregnant and had the baby, though lied about the father.  She really only despises Blair. She eventually marries

As for the two main adults throughout the show, Lily and Rufus: They have an affair while he is separated from his wife, they have a long drawn-out history with each other, so much so that they had a child out of wedlock together put up for adoption (which is cool) when Lily was a teenager.  In time they do get married on the show but sometimes they separate and have issues because of Lily’s tactics at times where she is similar to her own mother, whom she used to hate as a teen.

What do I get from this series? Everything that the verse above warns us to not be involved in is in this show. Keep in mind that teenagers who watch shows like this are easily swayed to think the way they see things on a regular basis. It can break them down into believing culture’s lies instead of wanting to live in God’s truth.


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