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An Issue of Polyamory

“Monogamy destroys families,” laughs a married couple from a new T.V. series that has been working its way to be put on the screens in your households and into the brains of many couples as well as your children for … Continue reading

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Stolen Identities and Bodies

There was a time when a girl on the internet stole some pictures I took of myself (clean ones, as well as a few webcam pics) and posted them up on a site without me realizing it (this was before … Continue reading

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Restoring with Gentleness

I recently finished reading Galatians in The Bible and loved chapter six. It stated the following verse: “Brothers (or sisters), if someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual should restore him (her) gently. But watch yourself, or … Continue reading

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Go Team Go!

I was sent a news link yesterday about Cheerleader uniforms worn for a Connecticut high school. People on the squad are asking for less skimpy uniforms. This surprised me at first because It always seemed like people want less and … Continue reading

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