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An Issue of Polyamory

“Monogamy destroys families,” laughs a married couple from a new T.V. series that has been working its way to be put on the screens in your households and into the brains of many couples as well as your children for … Continue reading

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Of Flesh or of Spirit?

Regarding sexuality and modesty in the society of the US and the rest of the world, we need to know how far from God we have turned.  How much like the world are we, especially those who say they believe … Continue reading

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God’s Calling Vs. Sin’s Folly

In life, we get pulled around between wanting to please our desires and wanting to do right in God’s eyes (whether we realize it or not). If you grew up in a Christian environment, you may have been told about abstinence … Continue reading

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Facebook Marriages

We all get annoyed of things we see on Facebook from time to time. An annoyance for me is to see people who are mainly in their teens (some even in their 20s-40s) constantly changing who they are married to. … Continue reading

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Pure Heart book review

I recently finished a book called Pure Heart by Shellie R. Warren and I must say it was one of the most down to earth, straightforward books about a spiritual issue I have ever read. I think the thing that … Continue reading

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