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Should You (or Your Teen) Watch This?: Gossip Girl

The culture we live in is inescapable.  It is important to be living a holy and set-apart life as a child of the Lord, but we do need to understand why something might have a hold or influence on others.  As … Continue reading

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An Issue of Polyamory

“Monogamy destroys families,” laughs a married couple from a new T.V. series that has been working its way to be put on the screens in your households and into the brains of many couples as well as your children for … Continue reading

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Personal Advertising for Pornography

I recently attended two youth retreats with kids aged 11-19 (they were separated between Jr. and Sr. high) at the same location. When I attended the first one, a man (who was there as a youth leader) noticed my pompadour-twirl-bangs … Continue reading

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Jessica Simpson and Immodesty During Pregnancy

I got pregnant for the first time when I was 22. I was married for nearly three years and I was not very modest back then at all. No, I wasn’t modest at all.  A lot of people make it … Continue reading

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Should You (or Your Teen) Watch This?: Glee

I decided to start up a series of posts. While I don’t have T.V. channels (but thanks to many things available through Netflix, Hulu, IMDB, and Amazon, I am able to see something if I really want to), most of … Continue reading

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