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Affection of Christian Married Couples vs. Christian Non-Married Couples

When I was dating in high school, I claimed to be a Christian and remember wrestling at youth group with my boyfriend (now husband). We were having a grand time tickling each other, biting each other lightly, and “throwing” one … Continue reading

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Sacrifices and Virginity

Sacrifices are severely important to God. In the Old Testament of the Bible, there were many rules of which animals needed to be sacrificed and when it had to happen. Ultimately Jesus became the sacrifice for our sinfulness (so we don’t … Continue reading

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Book Review: Every Heart Restored

This book is aimed to comfort and help women who are dealing with their husband’s sexual sins (from lust, porn addictions, to affairs).  Many women suffer from their husband’s sexual addictions and this book is out to help women try … Continue reading

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Being an Individual & Finding REAL Cool Friends

I have noticed over the past couple of decades that it seems to be of great importance for people to “fit in” with those around them and be grouped exactly with people who like what they like and wear what … Continue reading

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Poll Response: “What Do You Think About Sex?”

A little over a month ago, I posted a poll “What Do You Think About Sex?” This poll was concerning people’s ideas of when it is okay to decide to have sex.  95 people responded to it and I wanted … Continue reading

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