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Man’s Other Best Friends

I recently read this post over at CNN and wanted to say some stuff in response. As a whole I like the article, but there are a couple things I feel I need to disagree with and some other things … Continue reading

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Up Close and Personal to Sex Trafficking

I began my 2012 new year in a new country. You see, I had been planning since last April to travel to Cambodia and Thailand with 12 students from my college as a part of a class to see and … Continue reading

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Children and Modesty

I traveled to California in January to spend some wonderful time with family and friends. I ate some good food, had great conversations, and enjoyed awesome entertainment. By nature I am a pretty modest person. However, in California, or anywhere for that matter, … Continue reading

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What are your kids REALLY listening to? Is it inspirational? #1

INTRODUCTION:As a youth leader, I often hear about singers or music the kids are listening to. I get pretty shocked sometimes by the content in the songs (when I go home to hear what they sound like), and moreso by … Continue reading

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