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Where Are the Fathers?

A few weeks ago my husband and I saw a newly teenage girl who was very busty, walking around a public child-friendly area with a bikini top on.  You might think at first that this is the norm for teen girls to … Continue reading

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Book Review of Exposed: A Novel

Ally is not a very beautiful woman, but she is faithful and is totally in love with her husband. She believes he is perfect for her, until she finds pornography on his computer. Is her marriage even real? Was everything … Continue reading

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Up Close and Personal to Sex Trafficking

I began my 2012 new year in a new country. You see, I had been planning since last April to travel to Cambodia and Thailand with 12 students from my college as a part of a class to see and … Continue reading

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Sucker Punch Movie Review

A year ago I first watched a teaser trailer for this movie and wrote this entry about what I thought it might be about. I wasn’t too off. The most anticipated part for me in waiting a year to see this … Continue reading

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The Bikini

I’m sure at least once in her life, a young girl longs to one day wear a bikini. The idea of wearing a bikini can make you feel like a grown up and feel sexy wearing it. This is at … Continue reading

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