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Unconditional Love is Selfless Love

I’ve been learning a lot over the past month about selflessness. I would say I’m far from putting this discipline into everyday practice, but I’m trying. You know, I never necessarily thought of myself as a selfish person, but as … Continue reading

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God’s Calling Vs. Sin’s Folly

In life, we get pulled around between wanting to please our desires and wanting to do right in God’s eyes (whether we realize it or not). If you grew up in a Christian environment, you may have been told about abstinence … Continue reading

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Christians and Modesty

As a fashion blogger, I have noticed many other fashion bloggers are Mormons. They actually seem to take their religion seriously enough that I have not seen any immodest Mormon bloggers at all.  I see many fashion bloggers who claim … Continue reading

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Is Masturbation Wrong?

In my teen years, masturbation was a thing I did, but I constantly felt so guilty when I’d do it. No one ever had told me it was wrong and I started exploring it very early on in my life … Continue reading

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A Healthy Relationship and How to Have One

When people want boyfriends or girlfriends, they tend to have their own ideas in their heads of how the person of their dreams will have to be in order to be “perfect” for them.  The problem that occurs most often, … Continue reading

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