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Memories of Old Habits

Summer is quickly fading into the cooler days and nights of Autumn. The days pass by and time inches closer to “dorm move-in” day. I get giddy with the anticipation of seeing my friends, starting classes and getting back into … Continue reading

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It’s Like Porn For Women

This topic has been on my heart now for a few weeks. I wanted to avoid talking about it, which is why it has taken so long for this post to materialize. I asked the Lord, “isn’t there someone else … Continue reading

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Egyptian Women & Modesty

Over the past year, I’ve read a lot about the persecution of Christians in Egypt.  One thing I came across while reading through news in general on Egypt, is that a lot of people are preparing for the elections coming … Continue reading

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Poll Response: “What Do You Think About Sex?”

A little over a month ago, I posted a poll “What Do You Think About Sex?” This poll was concerning people’s ideas of when it is okay to decide to have sex.  95 people responded to it and I wanted … Continue reading

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Christians and Modesty

As a fashion blogger, I have noticed many other fashion bloggers are Mormons. They actually seem to take their religion seriously enough that I have not seen any immodest Mormon bloggers at all.  I see many fashion bloggers who claim … Continue reading

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